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New off-campus policy for SDUHSD

Attention Students from TPHS, CCA, SDA, or LCC:

District policy has changed concerning off-campus classes. Please read here to understand how the changes will affect you.

1. Students will still be able to take three classes (30 units)  off-campus to be transferred to their public school transcript and used toward high school graduation requirements.
2. Only one class per subject area can be transferred. So only Biology or Chemistry, not both. 
Since the district only requires two years of lab science to graduate, a third science can be taken at HBA and sent directly to colleges. It is not necessary to put them on the TP or CCA transcripts. Earth & Space and Marine Biology do not fulfill college prep lab science requirements, but they do fulfill high school graduation science requirements. So students can still take all of their lab sciences at HBA if they take Earth/Space and Marine Biology at their public school. Colleges will count these courses as college prep electives and the grades count in the college GPA.  
Three years of math are required for graduation. A passing grade in Integrated Math 1 is the only requirement.
Therefore, a students can take Math 1 Readiness and  Business Math at the public school to count for two years of math and transfer a year of Math 1 from HBA. Subsequently, Math 2 and Math 3 can be taken at HBA and sent to the colleges.
Since foreign language is not required for high school graduation, all Spanish classes can be taken at HBA.
Four years of English are required for high school graduation. Only one year can be taken at HBA.
3. When remediating a D or F outside the district, the school will put both grades on the transcript and therefore they will be averaged in the GPA. 
Most colleges, however, will take the higher grade and recalculate the GPA.
From the U.C. Website
“For freshman applicants, if the same (or very similar in content) course in which a D or F grade was originally earned is repeated and a grade of C or better is earned, the original grade will not be included in the GPA calculation.” 
California State Colleges follow the same policy: On their application instructions it says to “enter only information for the course in which you received the higher grade.”
NCAA will also take the highest grade in calculating GPA.
(For all other colleges, please refer to their websites.)
If you have any questions, please ask your public school counselor.