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HBA: Experience better than any public school experience any day!

I came to High Bluff as an international student from India. I had been to University City High School before that. I was surprised when I saw how the staff at HBA cared and taught the students. Instead of giving packet after packet to complete and do it yourself, the teachers made sure we knew everything about the topic before we left for the day. Jill Duoto, the director, helped me to graduate early. She asked Geoffrey Stevens to help me with the U.S. Government. He is the reason I was able to graduate early. He emailed me during the night to see if I had any questions or problems. He made sure that I wasn’t distracted while studying. Till this date, I still consider him as the one of the best teachers that I have learnt under. While I started my session at High Bluff, I took AP Calculus with James Harper. My friends and I were pretty nervous, if not scared when it came to AP Calc. James Harper is the kindest and most intelligent guy. He made sure that I knew every tiny bit of the concepts and I didn’t miss anything. The tests he prepared were good! By good, I mean I had no idea I could do those before I took Calc. I had heard a lot about High Bluff when I joined. All I can say about High Bluff is they care about the student when he/she is in the school and even after he graduates. I haven’t been to any school yet that can compare to HBA. The teachers are loving, caring and strict at the same time! I feel proud to be a High Bluff Student and I feel happy that I got to meet all of these wonderful people.

Yash Bhambani

Class of 2014