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The staff at High Bluff is incredibly accommodating.

My primary reason for allowing Madison to take chemistry at High Bluff vs Torrey Pines was to give her a positive experience with a difficult subject. An experience where she not only learned the material, but actually enjoyed the class. Madison at this point believes she wants to be a Vet, with that said Chemistry with 40 people in a traditional high school setting could have destroyed her dream as I don’t believe this subject can be taught well in a large classroom environment. I wanted chemistry to be a positive as opposed to a source of frustration for her. The staff at High Bluff is incredibly accommodating. They want all students to do well are willing to put in any extra time necessary to ensure success. Her teacher was incredibly positive and enthusiastic. He has shared his passion for Chemistry with my daughter. In addition he has communicated with me via email throughout the semester regarding my daughter’s progress and offering helpful hints. I highly recommend High Bluff Academy. ~ Helene Cohen Strong