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It would have been a tough year without you!

High Bluff Academy was the perfect choice for my son to take a course during his senior year. His high school offered this course as well and has a great academic reputation, however, he needed to be in an atmosphere where he could get a more hands on approach to Chemistry by having a smaller teacher/student ratio. This allowed him to more fully grasp each and every lesson and really get the personal attention needed for him to succeed. He gained confidence and really excelled in a course we had previously thought might become a huge struggle, and quite possibly lower his GPA at a time when it was crucial for the college application process. The instructor has a very positive approach to teaching and was a true professional. I received an email from him after each exam with my son’s current grade in the class. The lines of communication were always open if you needed to speak with him. I highly recommend High Bluff Academy and its staff! It would have been a tough year without you! ~ Kim Myrick