AP Exam Registration

Welcome to the HBA AP Exam registration page! Please complete the form below to sign your student up for an exam. If your student is taking multiple exams, complete a form for each. Once the form is submitted use the correct Paypal button for your specific exam to make your payment. The deadline for completing the sign up process is March 1st. 

The AP Exam Schedule with Date & Start Time:

May 5th- AP Calculus AB/BC (8am)

May 6th- AP English Literature (8am)

May 7th- AP Chemistry (8am)

May 7th- AP Physics 1 (12pm)

May 8th- AP US History (8am)

May 8th – AP Computer Science A (12pm)

May 11th- AP Biology (8am)

May 12th- AP Spanish Language and Culture (8am)

May 12th- AP Psychology (12pm)

May 14th- AP Macroeconomics (12pm)

May 15th- AP Statistics (12pm)

HBA is administering the following tests on the late testing date only. If a student is unable to attend the test THERE WILL BE NO MAKE UP Day. The tests will also incur an extra $40 late testing fee. 

May 20th – AP Microeconomics (8am)

May 21st- AP Chinese (12pm) There will be an additional charge to cover the cost of computer rentals and set up.

May 22nd- AP Human Geography (8am)

May 22nd – AP Seminar (8am)

May 22nd – AP Government and Politics (8am)


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