Statistics Course Description

Course Description

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Course Overview: Statistics covers descriptive and inferential statistics. The
descriptive portion analyzes data through graphs, measures of central tendency
and dispersion. The inferential statistics portion covers statistical rules to
compute basic probability, including binomial, normal, Chi-squares, and Tdistributions.
This course also covers estimation of population parameters,
hypothesis testing, linear regression, correlation and ANOVA. Emphasis is
placed on applications of technology, using software packages, for statistical
analysis and interpretation of statistical values based on data from disciplines
including business, social sciences, psychology, life science, health science and

Course Content:

• Introduction to statistics
• Summarizing and graphing Data
• Statistics for describing, exploring, and comparing Data
• Probability
• Discrete probability distributions
• Normal probability distributions
• Estimates and sample sizes
• Hypothesistesting
• Inferences from two samples
• Correlation and regression
• Goodness-of-fit and contingency tables
• Analysis of variance Prerequisite Integrated Math 3 or Algebra 2/Trig

Textbook Triola: Elementary Statistics (11th ed.)