DATES: June 24th-August 2nd 

High Bluff Academy has academic programs for remedial to advanced students in grades 7-12 in all subject areas. Students entering grades 9-12 can get a head start on high school courses and either lighten their load for their freshman year, or prepare for more advanced courses. Those students entering middle school can take advantage of our middle school preview courses for math, reading and writing. Juniors and seniors can use their summer to focus on the SAT or ACT and prepare for the September and October exam dates. Colleges always appreciate students who use their summers wisely.


WHY is High Bluff Academy such a great place to spend your summer?

  • ACCELERATE  your learning by taking a math or Spanish class so you can jump ahead next school year
  • REMEDIATE any low grades by retaking classes to raise your GPA and enhance your understanding of the material
  • PREPARE for AP science classes by taking our Chemistry or Physics
  • LIGHTEN your academic load next school year by taking one of your challenging subjects this summer
  • EXCEL in math next year by taking one of our 2 week Math Preview classes
  • IMPROVE your writing and critical reading skills by taking our Middle or High School Writing Workshop
  • ACE the SAT or ACT by taking our group test prep classes (we guarantee results!)


To enroll in a class you will need to:

1. Fill out our enrollment agreement and pay the $250 deposit ($50 for a workshop).  May 15th is the deadline to transfer a deposit from Summer to Fall.

2. For the courses for high school credit, print out the SDUHSD OFF CAMPUS FORM and the High Bluff Course Description and submit these to your high school counselor. (We do not need to sign these forms.)