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Course Description

Download Course Description (PDF) Off-Campus Permission Form (PDF)

This college preparatory course includes the fundamental principles of biology and its applications. Students will participate in 7-10 laboratory activities each semester and will learn to write the results in a formal lab report.

First Semester Topics:

  1. The Study of Life and the scientific method
  2. The cell
  3. Cellular transport and the cell cycle
  4. Energy in the cell
  5. DNA and genes
  6. Mendel and Meiosis
  7. Patterns of heredity and human genetics
  8. Genetic technology
  9. Classification and evolution

Second Semester Topics:

  1. Physiology of the human body including protection, support and locomotion, the digestive and endocrine systems, the nervous system, respiratory and circulatory systems, the excretory and reproductive systems, and the development of the human body
  2. Immunity from disease
  3. Viruses and bacteria
  4. The principles of ecology including communities and biomes, population biology, biological diversity and conservation.


TEXTBOOK: Biology: the Dynamics of Life. Glencoe McGraw-Hill, 2004

Prerequisites: Algebra I

Parents of public school students must print out a course description to give to their child’s counselor along with an off-campus permission form.

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