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Beginning September 2022

High Bluff Academy is expanding its full-time program to Silicon Valley. 

We understand that all students have different educational journeys and different learning needs to achieve their academic and life goals. At CCP, our personalized and flexible options provide students with a supportive and challenging environment to grow to their fullest potential. 

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Students with attention challenges

  • Our students with attention challenges benefit from our small and individualized learning environments that don’t compromise on quality and rigor.

Students with learning differences

  • Our students with IEPs or other learning needs receive specialized support through accommodations in the delivery of the curriculum to meet their growth plans.

Students looking for accelerated or rigorous opportunities

  • Our students have many opportunities to challenge themselves through AP courses, college courses, and an accelerated 3-year high school plan. Students will need prior approval from CCP staff before enrolling in these options.

Students with competitive extracurricular activities

  • Our students participating in extracurricular activities (athletics, performances, experiences abroad) have schedules and commitments that may not fit the traditional bell schedule. We provide flexible course and support options, both in-person and online, to ensure students meet their academic and extracurricular goals.

Students with physical and mental health needs

  • Our students with physical and mental health needs, including anxiety, depression, and 504s, join our small and supportive community. Our flexible learning environment allows students with health and/or mental health needs to participate in-person and online so that they can navigate appointments and treatments.

Students needing an inclusive environment

  • Our students look to transfer from larger schools to CCP’s smaller environment that is socially supportive and inclusive of all student backgrounds.

Students experiencing learning loss

  • Our students that have experienced COVID-related learning loss can take advantage of CCP’s flexible options to make up courses they didn’t pass or improve grades for their college applications. Additionally, our small learning community helps transition students academically and socially back to school.

Students transitioning from homeschooling

  • Our students transitioning from a homeschooled environment benefit from a smaller learning environment with additional opportunities to socialize and collaborate with peers during Homework Hub, class (6 students max), and student clubs. Weekly 1:1 adult mentor check-ins support the home to school transition.




Students have access to a daily morning course to help them jump start their day, practice mindfulness, set personal goals, and connect with their peers and mentor.

  • Small weekly classes with CASEL-based curriculum and school-wide norms to develop social and emotional skills (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making).

  • Small weekly classes to develop study habits and skills

  • Weekly one to one mentoring meetings with CCP staff

  • After school homework hubs to collaborate academically and engage with peers

  • Mental health focus

Mission to Success

We believe that our most important goal in teaching students is to help them to become independent, lifelong learners. We are role models and mentors to our students and guide them to become self-actualized young adults who will make sound decisions affecting their futures. We view our brief time together as a great opportunity to make a positive impact at a critical juncture in their development. Our most cherished core belief is that every student can succeed in a rigorous academic environment through diverse teaching strategies and individualized instruction.

Core Values






The High Bluff student takes responsibility for his or her own learning.

Students participate in the learning process and accept responsibility for learning. Students practice self-evaluation, improvement of assignments, time-management, organizational skills, and study skills.

The High Bluff student uses knowledge to solve real-life problems.

Students can apply complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills to real life scenarios. They apply existing knowledge to resolve problems. A well rounded education which exposes students to a variety of subjects is the foundation for these analytical skills.

The High Bluff student is an effective communicator.

Students participate in the learning process and accept responsibility for learning. Students practice self-evaluation, improvement of assignments, time-management, organizational skills, and study skills.

The High Bluff student is goal oriented.

Students develop a work ethic necessary for a successful college or working career. They improve academic and interpersonal skills utilizing modern information sources. They can research college, career, and occupational training opportunities. They have the training to reach their highest potential on college entrance exams.

The High Bluff student is a tolerant and compassionate community participant.

Students demonstrate knowledge of various cultures and lifestyles, as well as environmental and political issues and responsibilities. They are involved in the community and recognize their role in maintaining a positive political and civil culture.
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