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International Admissions

Applications for Fall 2022 are now closed. 

High Bluff Academy welcomes students from all nations. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students on F-1 student visas. For those students coming alone, guardianship and housing can be arranged through local homestay companies.

San Diego has the ideal climate of any city in the United States. High Bluff Academy is located near beautiful beaches in a charming seaside resort town. Visitors from all over the world flock to San Diego for its outdoor-lifestyle and fun attractions. To find out more about San Diego, please visit

High Bluff Academy accepts students entering grades 9 through 12 who have some proficiency in English. Students can submit any English test scores including TOEFL, TOEFL Jr. Duolingo or IELTS. If a student is not able to take one of these tests, their language ability can be assessed by our staff over Zoom. 


$22,500 per year (includes books and school fees) An additional fee will be added for students who do not meet our English Language requirements and may need special classes or private tutoring support.

Senior Graduation Fee: $500 (covers special activities and graduation gala)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Priority deadline is March 15th.  Rolling admissions deadline is July 15th if space is available.

Admissions Criteria: We encourage students with limited English to enter our school in Grade 9 in order to be fully prepared for university.



Step 1  Application and fee received
  Transcripts received
  Letter of recommendation received
  Test scores received
Step 2  Zoom interview conducted
Step 3 Notice of acceptance via email
Step 4  $1,000 tuition deposit due
Step 5  Acceptance letter and I-20 sent via email

After receipt of the Acceptance letter and I-20, the student must complete the following:

1. Pay the $350 SEVIS Fee for the I-901 online at Dept. of Homeland Security website.

2.  Fill out the DS-160 Application Form.  Ask your bank to complete the required financial records.

3. Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy to schedule an interview. Visa Appointment Wait Times (

4. Make sure you have everything necessary for the interview. Study & Exchange ( 

Once you receive your student visa, or are notified of a denial, please contact the school at

5. If the student requires guardianship and a host family, HBA will send you a list of homestay companies who can assist you. The school does not provide this service.

6. You will need to get your students cleared by a doctor and a dentist before they come to the U.S. MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE ARE EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE IN THE U.S. even with insurance. You will need to submit PROOF OF IMMUNIZATIONS. Covid vaccinations are required for F-1 students entering the United States. If these are not available in your country, please let us know.  Please click here for a list of vaccinations required by the State of California.

7. You will need to purchase medical insurance for a period covering the student’s first day of arrival until the expected departure date. 

8. Once you purchase an airline ticket, notify the school of the travel arrangements and whether the student will need transportation from the Los Angeles International Airport or the San Diego Airport. There is a fee for airport pickup. Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance.


Health Insurance is mandatory for all students. You can use this link or purchase any insurance policy of your choosing.

All students are required to have medical insurance. Parents may choose the insurance coverage they prefer.

Please visit this link to learn more: International Student Insurance


Grammar and Language Intermediate ELD
English Literature English 9*
Social Studies Introduction to U.S. History*
Speech Speech
Math Math 1, 2, or 3
Science Chemistry
Elective (Choose 2) P.E. Tech, Art, Music

* Courses are “sheltered” for ESL students only. All other courses are mixed with native speakers.

English Language Advanced ELD
English Literature English 10
History World History
Speaking Speech or TOEFL prep
Math Math 1, 2, or 3
Science Physics
Math Math 2, 3 or Honors Precalc*
Elective (Choose 2)  

* Honors Precalculus is a college level class and earns a weighted grade

English Language Writing Support
English Literature English 11
History U.S. History (1865 to present)
Science Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics
Math Math 3, Honors Precalc, AP Calc
Science ACT and/or TOEFL
Test Prep Math 2, 3 or Honors Precalc*
Academic Electives AP Psychology, Extra Science class, AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science, Geography, AP Statistics
Other Electives P.E. Art, Music, Service Club

TOEFL is not required by most universities of international students who have attended high school in the U.S. for three years or more. Students may choose to submit TOEFL scores if ACT English scores are not high enough.

* Honors Precalc college level class earns a weighted grade

English Literature English 12
Social Studies American Government & Economics OR AP Politics & Government and AP Macroeconomics
Electives Science, Math, Computer Science, Technology, Art, Spanish, Geography, etc.
Science Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics
Math Math 3, Honors Precalc, AP Calc
Science ACT and/or TOEFL
Test Prep Math 2, 3 or Honors Precalc*
Academic Electives AP Psychology, Extra Science class, AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science, Geography, AP Statistics
Other Electives P.E. Art, Music, Service Club


* Honors Precalc college level class earns a weighted grade

High Bluff Academy is a small-scale elite high school that truly embodies the advantages of private high schools in the U.S. It is an ideal choice for international students who plan to study abroad in the U.S. From our own experience, my child had enjoyed his experience at High Bluff Academy and got accepted to a top 50 university in the U.S. The teachers and faculties are well qualified, responsible, and caring about the students. Students received personalized education and attention from each teacher because of low teacher-to-student ratio. The school director Jill has a deep understanding of the international students, especially the students from China. She is deeply involved in promoting active learning among students, encouraging international students to participate in a variety of activities, maintaining effective communication with parents of international students. High Bluff Academy is definitely a great private high school to recommend. 



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