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Course Description

Download Course Description (PDF) Off-Campus Permission Form (PDF)

This is a 2-semester college preparatory course in Geometry. The course covers the development of mathematical principles of Geometry and their applications.

Topics include:

  1. Geometric Proofs
  2. Deductive reasoning
  3. Logic
  4. Congruence
  5. Measurement of 2 and 3-dimensional figures
  6. Perimeters and circumference
  7. Areas, surface areas, and lateral areas
  8. Volume and effect of dimensional change
  9. Geometric Constructions
  10. Pythagorean applications
  11. Trigonometric and special right triangles
  12. Rigid motion and geometric figures

TEXTBOOK: Prentice Hall Geometry (2008)

Prerequisites: Algebra 1

Parents of public school students must print out a course description to give to their child’s counselor along with an off-campus permission form.

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