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Integrated Math 1 Honors

Course Description

Download Course Description (PDF) Off-Campus Permission Form (PDF)

Textbook: McGraw-Hill Integrated Math 1 (2012)

Prerequisites: Integrated Math B Honors with an A or B

The fundamental purpose of the Math 1 Honors course is to formalize and extend the concepts
that students learned in Math A and B. This course includes standards from the conceptual
categories of number and quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability.
The honors course also incorporates advanced topics such as matrices, vectors, and quadratic

The course focuses on six critical areas:
1. Extending understanding of numerical manipulation to algebraic manipulation
2. Synthesizing understanding of functions
3. Deepening and extending understanding of linear relationships
4. Applying linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend
5. Establishing criteria for congruence based on rigid motion
6. Applying the Pythagorean Theorem to the coordinate plane

The course content is in alignment with California state standards and Mathematics Vision

– The Number System, Equations & Inequalities
– Systems of Equations & Inequalities and Matrices
– Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
– Linear & Exponential Functions
– Features of Functions and Transformations
– Transformations & Symmetry
– Congruence, Construction & Proof
– Connecting Algebra & Geometry and Vectors
– Modeling Data
– Quadratic Functions
– Structures of Expressions

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