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Spanish 1

Course Description

Download Course Description (PDF) Off-Campus Permission Form (PDF)

Spanish I

Text: Realidades I Prentice Hall

Supplemental Materials:
Realidades I PracticeWorkbook and Writing, Audio and Video Workbook

Course Description:
Spanish I is a course that is based on the belief that the purpose of learning Spanish is to communicate with the people who speak it and to understand their culture. Spanish 1 covers (1) Communication: To communicate in languages other than English (2) Culture: To gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures (3) Connections: To connect with other disciplines and acquire information (4) Comparisons: To gain insight into the nature of language and culture and (5) Communities: To participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world. Students will gain practice with new vocabulary, speaking and listening, reading and grammar basic to a first year language class.

Methods of Evaluations:
Students can be evaluated through tests, quizzes, class work, homework, oral testing, projects, semester exams and / or any other forms of evaluation instruments the instructor finds applicable to the course.

Pace of Instruction:
First Semester: Chapters: Para Empezar – 4A Second Semester: Chapters 4B-8B Course Objectives:
At the end of Spanish I, the student should know:
1. greetings, numbers, telling time, body parts, asking for help, weather phrases and seasons
2. infinitives, making negative statements, adjectives, definite and indefinite articles, and word order
3. present tense of –ar, –er, and –ir verbs
4. ser and estar
5. making nouns plural
6. the verb ir and ir + a + an infinitive
7. –GO verbs: tener, venir, salir, hacer, etc.
8. possessive adjectives and demonstrative adjectives
9. interrogative words
10. stem-changing verbs in the present tense(e_ie, o_ue)
11. affirmative tú commands
12. present progressive tense
13. direct and indirect object pronouns
14. gustar and similar verbs
15. acabar de + infinitive
16. saber and conocer
17. preterite of –ar/–er/–ir verbs
18. preterite of irregular verbs: hacer and dar
19. preterite of –car/–gar/–zar verbs

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