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Spanish 3

Course Description

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High Bluff Academy Spanish 3 Course Outline

Spanish 3 is an intermediate course for students who wish to gain better fluency and understanding of a foreign language. The course is intended to further develop facility in each of the major communication skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Major emphasis is placed on developing the ability to communicate fluently with accurate pronunciation/intonation and sentence structure, in a variety of authentic contexts. Emphasis is also placed on fostering an appreciation of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries through the study of history, literature, art, etc.

Overall, students will read, write, speak, and listen for meaning in Spanish:
1. Students will master common, and some specialized, vocabulary terms and phrases.
2. Students will respond verbally with fluent-like pronunciation and intonation; will respond appropriately according to the context.
3. Students will appropriately and accurately understand and use a wide range of grammar patterns.
4. Students will read to understand authentic texts and write native-like paragraphs.
5. Students will speak predominately in Spanish when in class.
6. Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the Spanish language and the traditions, beliefs, and customs of its peoples.

Grammar topics covered:

  1.  Present indicative of regular and irregular verbs
  2.  Ser and estar
  3.  Reflexive verbs
  4.  Expressions with tener
  5.  Possessive adjectives and agreement
  6.  Affirmative and negative commands
  7.  Regular and Irregular Preterite
  8.  Imperfect tense vs. Preterite tense
  9.  Por vs. Para
  10.  Past Participles
  11.  Saber vs. Conocer
  12.  Future tense
  13.  Present continuous (ir + a + infinitive)
  14.  Future of probability
  15.  Direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns
  16.  Present Subjunctive
  17.  Compound subjunctive tenses
  18.  Subjunctive vs. Indicative

TEXT: Realidades Level 3 textbook (Prentice Hall) and all ancillary materials

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