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Spanish 4

Course Description

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Spanish 4
Course Outline

Prerequisites:  Completion of Spanish 3 with a grade of 75% or higher.

Units: 10

Text: Conexiones Comunicacion y cultura, Prentice Hall, 2006

Topics of Study:


    1.  The Present tense, The Present Perfect, The Present Progressive
    2.  Pluperfect, Conditional Perfect
    3.  Imperfect
    4.  The Preterite tense
    5.  Conditional
    6.  The Future tense , Future Perfect
    7.  Comparisons
    8.  Commands
    9.  Affirmative and negative expressions
    10.  Passive voice
    11.  Prepositions
    12.  Reflexive verbs
    13.  Relative pronouns
    14.  Direct and Indirect-object pronouns
    15.  Impersonal Expressions
    16.  Noun Clauses
    17.  Past Participles
    18. Subjunctive mood


Course Objectives:

A. Listening
Students will comprehend conversations in “unedited language” relating to needs and social conventions. They will understand many specific topics and delve for information.B. Writing
Students will be able to write on familiar topics in the form of paragraphs, answer to questions, and dialogues.

C. Speaking
Students will speak easily in most survival and social situations.

D. Reading
Students will understand reading material as it might occur in the Spanish culture, including advertisements, headlines, letters, invitations, etc.

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