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High Bluff Academy is accredited by WASC, the same organization that accredits every high school and college in the state, including Torrey Pines H.S. and UCSD. All courses are U.C. and NCAA approved. Therefore, colleges cannot and do not discriminate against courses taken at a particular school. In fact, colleges admissions officers love to see students use their summers for academic pursuits.

Students who have taken classes at HBA have been admitted to all U.C. campuses including UC Berkeley, UCLA and UCSD. They have been admitted to many Ivy League schools including Harvard, Dartmouth, and Princeton. This year, one of our part-time students was admitted to West Point and another to Stanford. As far as we can tell by these admissions results, colleges of even the highest caliber do not discriminate against off-campus classes.

Highly competitive colleges understand that students are juggling a high workload, sports, and extracurricular activities. Sometimes students can’t fit the courses they want into their schedules at their own school. Most public schools in California do not offer summer school. There are many circumstances under which students of high caliber need to take off-campus classes. It is not unusual these days for students to have two or three different high school transcripts.

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