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Palos Verdes Net Academy for STEM



High Bluff Academy of San Diego has partnered with PV on the Net to create a unique, world class STEM education for grades 8-12. Our inaugural program beginning on September 1, 2021 offers a fully in-person learning experience for grades 8 and 9. Students will take English, History, Math and Spanish in the first half of the day and after lunch they will be immersed in project-based learning with PVNet experienced instructors for Integrated Science, Computer Science, Robotics and Engineering. Students in grades 10-12 can join the hybrid program. Some academic courses will be taught online with live High Bluff Academy teachers. Read more about the course offerings.

In order to insure the smooth operation of the academic program, HBA has partnered with Study Hut Consulting to hire, train and monitor the teaching staff. Study Hut has two locations on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and other locations in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Study Hut has been an HBA partner for over two years, offering HBA’s accredited courses at their tutoring centers. 

Altogether, the owners of HBA, PV Net and Study Hut have been educating teens for a combined 60 years! Please read below to learn about the expertise that each organization will add to the school. Our courses are WASC accredited, U.C. and College Board approved.



High Bluff Academy

HBA was founded in 2002 by Dr. Michael and Jill Duoto. The teaching couple met in Cali, Colombia and after getting married and establishing their home-base in San Diego, they moved overseas for thirteen years in Japan, Singapore and Brazil. Three kids later, they repatriated to California and opened the academy in Del Mar. Students who struggled with math and science at the large public schools were attracted to HBA’s talented teachers and small class sizes. Their son Bryan was one of the first graduates and today he is a bioengineer working on cancer treatments and starting his PhD in Nanoengineering. Students attend HBA for a variety of reasons, but all have found success in college admissions and their careers due to the personal attention they received at HBA. 

Jill Duoto - Curriculum

Jill Duoto - Curriculum

Founder & Director of High Bluff Academy

Jill Duoto is the Founder and Director of High Bluff Academy. She has been an educator for 30 years as a principal, teacher, curriculum director and college counselor. She taught at Francis Parker High School, Singapore American School and international schools in Brazil, Colombia and Japan. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley and an M.A. in Education from SDSU. She also holds a College Counseling Certificate from UCSD and has been advising students on college admissions for many years. Jill has designed the curriculum for PV Net Academy and maintains the WASC accreditation, U.C. A-G list and  College Board SAT and AP programs.

Diallo Wallace

Diallo Wallace

Physics/Computer Science Teacher

Mr. Diallo Wallace has over 25 years of experience as a Naval Aviator and Aerospace Engineer working on space systems related to meteorology, oceanography, astrometry, GPS, and orbital mechanics. He is a California Credentialed Teacher in engineering and aviation and has created eight U.C. approved Engineering courses. He holds B.S. degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology and Mathematics, and Master’s Degrees in Astronautical Engineering and Program Management. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in Engineering Education. Mr. Wallace’s passion is bringing students to an understanding of science/engineering through the application of mathematics. Mr. Wallace will be overseeing the curriculum and instruction for Physics, Engineering and Computer Science.
Dr. Will Anderson

Dr. Will Anderson

Science Teacher

Dr. Will Anderson is a Ph.D. biochemist who has lived, worked, and taught in San Diego for almost 20 years.  He received his B.A. in Biological Sciences at Cornell University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry at UCSD.  Dr. Will spent over 10 years doing scientific research at UCSD and The Scripps Research Institute before joining HBA. Dr. Will has a gift for making science accessible and exciting for students at all levels. Dr. Will oversees the curriculum and instruction for Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science.

PV on the Net

PVNet was founded in 1993 by technology visionary Ted Vegvari and is now located at Promenade on the Peninsula Mall.  He has focused on educating newer generations of children, teens, and adults to ultramodern technology. The facility is equipped with over 40 computers and offers new technology such as Virtual Reality, 3D printing, Laser Cutting, and Emotiv Brain Mapping Technology.  PVNet’s objective is to bring the latest  technological trends to one place, allowing students to take classes and obtain future-oriented skills for college and career. PVNet’s instructors are well educated in their fields and offer a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience to each and every student that walks in through the door. We believe in encouraging creativity and allowing opportunities for students to work on their own projects as well as those in the classroom.




Ted Vegvari

Ted Vegvari

Founder and Director of PV on the NET

Ted Vegvari founded Palos Verdes on the Net in 1993 after a successful career in software engineering and computer science. Ted was founder and President of PC Lab technology, a consulting company which served the computer industry with product testing and review services, and developed software and networking systems for the U.S. military and the banking industry. Ted is an education visionary who used his personal wealth to found a non-profit organization for teaching children and adults how to use the latest technology. After moving to its present location at the Promenade Peninsula Mall, Ted has partnered with SCROC and the Palos Verdes School District to offer high school courses for credit in Career and Technical Education (CTE). In addition, he has created exciting after-school and summer programs which integrate computer science, engineering, physics, biology, electronic music and video into multidisciplinary project-based learning experiences. PV Net has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and software licenses that are out of reach for most schools. By partnering with HBA, your child will have an opportunity to learn from industry-experienced teachers on state-of-the-art equipment. Ted teaches new concepts in an organic and holistic manner, so learning feels like play. Students take ownership for their learning and apply their creativity while guided by experts. With 28 years of teaching experience, Ted has a gift for finding just the right method and program to suite each student’s interests and learning style.

Ted Vegvari with Bill Gates

Ted Vegvari with Bill Gates

In the early 1990s and shortly before internet connectivity enabled the World Wide Web to explode in southern California, an important meeting served as a precursor to the founding of PVNet. Bill Gates & Ted Vegvari discussed the need for public spaces with free internet and computer training for all ages. They agreed there was a great need for youth to learn skills necessary to prepare for the oncoming revolution called the WEB.

Ted offered to start a nonprofit technology center for public use and Bill Gates committed to providing free unlimited Microsoft software licenses to kick start PVNet’s educational programs. From its inception in 1993, PVNet was the only center of it’s kind, and still is today.

Study Hut Tutoring and Consulting

Childhood friends Sean-Patrick Burke and Rob Stone founded Study Hut Tutoring shortly after college. They expanded their services to academic and college counseling and volunteered their time working with Avid students in the local public schools. Today Rob and Sean-Patrick own nine locations and have partnered with High Bluff Academy to offer accredited high school courses. Study Hut will be supervising the day-to-day operations of the academic program including hiring teachers, communicating with parents and monitoring student progress.  

Rob Stone

Rob Stone

Cofounder and Director Study Hut Tutoring & Consulting

Rob Stone is the co-owner of Study Hut Tutoring, with nine locations spanning from El Segundo to Corona del Mar.  Rob learned early on while working as a tutor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studied Pre-Medicine and Spanish, that creating an educational culture that students loved was essential to their long term success.  Rob also holds an MBA from Arizona State University. In 2016, Study Hut was honored to receive the  66th Congressional District Small Business of the Year Award.  Study Hut’s helpful hand now extends beyond its walls and into the classroom at many middle and high schools to support community based student programs like AVID and The Scholar Quiz. Rob will be involved with the day-to-day administration of PV Net Academy’s operations and oversee the teaching staff. 


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