The Science Academy at HBA for 7th & 8th grade



HBA has been recognized every year as a leader in math and science education for high school students in the Carmel Valley – Rancho Santa Fe – Del Mar area. We are now recruiting elite math and science students for an accelerated Science Academy. Interested families can lend their expertise to help us design the program from the ground up. We are offering free and reduced tuition in return for parents to sit on committees with our experienced teachers to design the program. We trust that many of our parents working as scientists and engineers have great ideas for combining traditional education with innovative design thinking activities. Preparation for science and math competitions can be built into the school day. 

We are collecting information from interested families so we can organize some meetings to collaborate and brainstorm the details of the program. This foundational year HBA will have flexible tuition and scholarships for qualified students.




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HBA Science Academy

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