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Over 400 public students a year take individual courses at HBA. The small class sizes, excellent instructors and personal attention help students to achieve a greater degree of comprehension and thus earn higher grades. No student falls through the cracks. No class moves forward while some students lag behind. Parents are informed of student progress and if the student is struggling, a plan is put in place to provide extra support. All classes are designed for students preparing for university entrance and are U.C. approved, so the curriculum is rigorous and teachers set high expectations. Homework is mandatory in all of our courses.

University admissions officers like to see students fill their schedules with rigorous academic courses. If students aren’t ready for AP classes, they are advised to take an extra year of math, two extra years of science, three or four years of foreign language, or an academic elective such as Psychology. In California, these courses are referred to as A-G classes. U.C.’s and other colleges look at the total number of A-G classes taken as a major admissions criterion.

High Bluff Academy offers many A-G classes during the summer. This is an excellent way to add more A-G classes to your transcript or to prepare for AP classes in the Fall.

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