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Course Description

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Course Description, US History (CP)

Students in le grade US History study American history with a focus on the twentieth century. After a cursory review of the nation’s beginnings, The American Civil War, and westward migration, the course then shifts to a more in-depth examination of issues in the 20th century. Students examine major events in the 20th century with a thematic focus. Students examine the profound effect that industrialization has had on our society. Students trace the change in the ethnic composition of American society and a move toward more equal rights between races and genders. Students examine the changing role of the federal government and the move away from laissez-faire capitalism. Students finish the course by drawing connections between current events and similar instances from the past.

The course builds reading, researching, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students learn how to assimilate a large body of content and how to draw connections between events. The course adheres to UC, CA, and Common Core standards for 1e grade US History.

McDougal Littell: The Americans
ISBN: 0-618-55713-X

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